catmanAP: Measurement Made Simple

catmanAP is the measurement and analysis software suite for HBM’s range of Data Acquisition hardware (DAQ), such as the QuantumX, SomatXR, and the PMX, among others. In its simplest form, catmanAP enables the user to perform quick and accurate measurements in almost any industry or environment, without having to rely on cumbersome programming. By utilising TEDS […]

DFOS measurement during plate load test on foundation of a Tailings Storage Facility

The measurement setup described involves the use of a fiber optic cable to monitor the stability and changes in settlement in the foundation of a Tailings Storage Facility (TSF). This method provides a means to assess the foundation’s stability throughout the lifespan of the TSF, which is crucial for ensuring the overall integrity and safety […]

Why use a strain gauge rosette?

Strain Gauge Rosette Explained: When conducting structural analysis, the behaviour of materials under varying loading conditions can be intricate, often challenging our ability to pinpoint critical stress directions accurately. With the use of a strain gauge rosette, we are able to calculate principal strains and stresses accurately in both magnitude and direction ensuring the integrity of your […]